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The County of San Diego released a competition for their new Branch office and Archives Facility, in Santee.  The archives and office bars frame a central lobby and garden space bringing daylight and nature deep into the work and waiting areas.   

The architectural façade design has been modeled and analyzed to optimize daylighting and views which contribute to increasing productivity and wellness to the users of the facility. The design maximizes glazing on the north façade of the interior workplace environments. The east and west façades are primarily solid to control heat gain and glare on these elevations which have been minimize by the building massing. The south façade integrates an aluminum horizontal sunshade to optimize thermal comfort, reduce glare and solar heat gain to the occupants. The sunshade also provides a distinctive architectural component in how this facility is viewed from the community and its civic importance. The archive wing is predominately clad with tilt-up concrete panels to provide a highly durable exterior to protect to interior conservation archive spaces.


: My primary involvement in the design was the development of the architectural expression, sustainable strategies, and façade design. Coordination: As a design-build competition we were teamed with a general contractor to provide a design and schematic level cost-estimate. Additionally, I participated in coordination efforts with our M.E.P and structural consultants.

Completed with bnim