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BASIC Agency


BASIC Agency

Basic Agency is an 8,000 SF Tenant Improvement for an International Creative Branding Agency based out of San Diego, CA. The program organizes its work spaces in a primarily open office plan. Offices, services and other closed spaces are located off the glass line to increase daylight and natural ventilation through the work space. Social spaces are organized around the large exterior balcony and entry.

Basic Box
The social and collaborative program is organized around a centralized volume. Conference rooms, Photo studios, reception and break room inhabit and shape the volume to engage the space in different degrees of activity. The break room faces the exterior balcony while the conference rooms engage the open office. The orientation and articulation of the openings provide a dynamic separation of functions completely adaptable to the tenants needs.


Design: While contributing to the conceptual design strategies, I was engaged in visioning, and programming sessions with the client. As the project progressed, I assisted in project documentation and detailing, consultant, and construction coordination as needed.

Completed with bnim