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C Street Plaza



C Street Plaza is a renovation of an existing corporate Center entrance plaza. The scheme looks to revitalize the space in the core of downtown through public and private program strategies. With a growing transient population in southern California, security is becoming a more prevalent concern. The design resisted forming a barrier around the perimeter of the site. Instead, the barrier was pulled apart and reorganized to create inhabitable layers of space individually programmed for various activities throughout the day. These layers organize the movement towards the building for tenants, while grouping a variety of seating spaces to be used throughout the year. The Restaurant located on the south end activates the evening hours, with the ability to engage the plaza with live music, catering, and public or private events.  


Design: My responsibilities during this competition included developing a design scheme for the exterior plaza and lobby, and to produce graphics for the final deliverable. The competition required all design and graphics to be completed in two weeks.

Completed with bnim