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Community Art Center


community art center

Located in the central, most active stretch of the Troost Corridor, the Community Art Center houses six rentable studios and one master studio. It also holds a gallery, workshops, and classrooms. With focus on community engagement, this art center resembles a frame that showcases not only art, but the artists and the visitors using this space.  

To accommodate all types of artists, this space needed to become completely flexible. Galleries and workshops can be cleared and arranged for any size event or gallery showing. With sight-lines travelling through the space, and the transparent ground floor along the south facade, this building truly engages the community.


As part of the local community, this space must engage the community in various ways, and at all times of day. During business hours this space encourages a productive and creative atmosphere, where the evening offers a unique social experiment centered around art and culture. Only a diverse and adaptable structure can meet the needs of the community.

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