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Craft Center


FLINT HILLS craft center

Located in the poetic prairies of west Manhattan, Kansas, the flint hills center for crafts holds up of three craft studios: ceramics, glass blowing, and metal. It also holds a gallery, lecture hall, library, and visiting artist residence.

Developed from a device inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s words “what lies below the surface, affects the surface”, the design, through movement and interaction creates a spatial realization of the site, a cognizance of the expansive landscape. Appropriately too, since craft is largely inspired by nature. The scene changes as you move across the device, mimicking how our brains read space precognitively. Moments around the building are inspired by this phenomenon.

The program is stretched and separated to fully integrate into the landscape. The inherent mass/void relationships created between the studios create interesting and new perspectives of the landscape just as a photographer would carefully choose views to describe the nature of the subject. Spaces between buildings become places of interaction, and repose while the buildings become a place of creation.