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Crossroads Library



Situated in the crossroads district the library and adjoining car park act as an active infrastructure to accommodate the districts growth. The crossroads is a primary cultural node of the KC metro located south of the central business district. Currently, its growth is limited by the innumerable privately owned parking craters. The automobile is still its primary access and the district has ironically positioned itself in a cultural stalemate. Its in a homeostasis, where parking and businesses are at equal ends. One cannot survive without the other. One cannot expand without eliminating the other. The inherent domination of the vehicle has divided pedestrian access at an urban scale. 

The library’s typology now represents more than just a collection of tangible media. It constantly adopts new media types of the 21st century to be shared with the public.  This focus of this library’s collection is to make available  a variety of sources specific to the crossroads district; with a focus on the productive output of local artists, restaurant owners, and larger creative class. Being a public building,  

 By lifting the parking from the street level the site creates an accessible ground floor that fosters a relationship with the surrounding context through new and existing activities. As an extension of the city condition the library is organized in a form of internal urbanism. Active bands of program that encase the parking volume are individualized and specific performance driven; public to collections, to media centers, and reading rooms.