Kettner + Hawthorne



A design competition called for a new office building in the heart of Little Italy, San Diego. Located under the San Diego International Airport flight path, heavy restrictions limited form, height, and gross floor area. With proximity to the bay, view corridor setbacks interject into the buildable volume. 

Large openings oriented to the primary urban connections surrounding the site. The bay to the West, Point Loma’s rolling hills to the north, and the active community just to the east. These openings are wrapped in full height brick breeze blocks creating a direct visual and physical relation to the exterior while introducing a unique haptic experience to the building. With San Diego’s welcoming coastal climate all year round, the interior can seamlessly interchange with the exterior. Elevated decks are inserted into the building, transforming unusable exterior space into leasable exterior gardens, while simultaneously connecting to the public realm and inserting daylight and nature into an active work space. The exterior circulation maximizes usable floor area while increasing opportunity for visual connection and communication.


: My responsibilities during this competition included developing a design scheme for the office and to produce graphics for the final deliverable.

Completed with bnim